EyesOpen | PR i øjenhøjde for tech-startups
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Your Agent

We act as agents for some of the top entrepreneurs. We manage their bookings, speaking opportunities and their public relations.

Your PR Agency

We act as a PR Agency for some of the world's top entrepreneurs, and have proven results in Denmark as well as internationally.

Your Strategic Advisor

As your strategic advisor we plan weekly or monthly strategy meetings. We have alot of experience with crisis communication, so feel safe!

Your PR Coach

We educate CMOs and other PR interested employees. We give them the best tools to perform at a top level on behalf of your company.

Agency specialized in tech!

We are basically experts in public relations with many years of experience – with top clients. Public Relations is not only about getting press, it’s also about the impression people get of you and your brand. Strategy is everything, and we are only involved with clients where we are involved in the strategy too.


We also help our clients with reaching out to important and relevant stakeholders, when relevant messages need to get out!

Creative solutions
Our team is very innovative, and we are experts in thinking out of the box.
We are always available
We are always there for you when you need it!
Writing texts
If you need us to write texts on your behalf, just let us know.
Global PR
We have a network across boarders and can provide PR in most countries.
We are alert
We know what is going on, what is new, and how people do it.
Video production
Our inhouse video crew can also provide you with relevant and well-produced videos.
Fast production
We can produce high quality strategy and material in no time.
Specialized in tech
We are specialized in tech, we know the tech business, and the business side of it. That is why we have a saying.

CALL US TODAY: +45 51234789

Feel free to call us any time with any request.


Request & Needs

Tell us who you are

In this meeting we want to know more about you and what you do. We will identify needs and discuss expectations.


Strategy Outline & Agreement

We send you an offer

We send you an offer on the frame of the strategy, a price and a contract. We do not begin producing the strategy before we have a signed contract, and we also need to interview you before creating the strategy.


Interview & data collection

Collecting content to work with

After the contract has been signed we interview you in order to get all the answers we need in order for us to create a strategy.


Presenting the strategy

Meeting where we present the strategy

We will present you the strategy and we can adapt to any wishes you might have.


Producing the content & getting results

Producing texts about you and your message

We will create a basic kit with texts and visuals about you and what you do. Then we preapare material according to the strategy and take action. We present you for all results ongoing.


Our team

This is our team

Lisa Dalsgaard

Expert in PR Strategy & Tech Startups

Lisa has 5 years experience in the PR industry, and has made hundreds of articles, interviews, placements and strategies for Danish tech startups – national and international.


Kristina Baltov

Expert in Consumer News

Kristina manages customer care and is experienced in B2C public relations. Kristina is always available and she coordinates everything, so you dont have to take care of anything.